In January 2011, as a 17-year-old singer/songwriter in Omaha, Nebraska, Lizzie Davis independently released her self-titled debut. The sound is reminiscent of classic American pop, undergirded by folk and a whisper of country. Lizzie’s voice stands out in the soundscape, with just enough hoarfrost to make it distinct. Her casual vocal delivery, both inviting and a bit sultry, is suggestive of artists as edgy as Leslie Feist or Zooey Deschanel, as timeless as Ella Fitzgerald or Linda Ronstadt.  The debut showcased catchy pop hooks and intimate storytelling, matched with elegant instrumentation by a host of top-notch Omaha musicians.  Since then, she has honed her performance skills playing around the country and internationally, opening for the likes of Hannah & Maggie and Milo & Otis, and developing a devoted fan base.

“Latitudes” is Lizzie’s forthcoming sophomore release, the product of a week-long torrent of creativity at Mike Mogis’s Another Recording Company in Omaha, Nebraska.  It was engineered and mixed by Ben Brodin (First Aid Kit, Bright Eyes, Azure Ray), a talented multi-instrumentalist who has been central to the careers of Saddle Creek musicians like Conor Oberst and Orenda Fink.  The album builds on the strong foundation set by Lizzie’s eponymous debut, developing the sweet pop and folk sensibilities with fuller arrangements and more complex instrumentation.  It exhibits great dynamic range, revealing a new power and energy in both the songs and in Lizzie’s voice itself.  Still, listeners will be pleased to find that it is true to what drew them to Lizzie in the first place: striking melodies, imaginative lyricism, and, of course, that voice.

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